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Page Editing

Page Editing

How do I add columns to a section?

Adding columns to a section is very simple.

When choosing to add a section, at the bottom of the page builder, first click on the plus symbol. You will be shown several column options. Choose whichever will fit your layout and then just start adding you content widgets. After adding columns you can edit their width to further tweak the look of your page.

How can I edit the column widths on a page section?

It’s easy to customize your column to get the perfect layout for your pages.

To edit the column size just roll over the column that you want to edit and  it will reveal the column icon in the upper left of the column. Click on the icon and the left edit section for that column will be revealed. You can change the width by either typing the width percentage or using the up/down indicator on the right of field. As you change the width you can see how it will look in the editor.

How can I add a column to an existing section?

Rather than starting over and adding all new columns to a section it’s sometimes easier to just add a column to a section and then resize the columns to make it look the way you want.

To add a column in a section just roll over a column to reveal the column icon in the upper left, right click on that icon and choose duplicate from the contextual menu.

After you’ve duplicated the column right click on the column icon that you would like to edit and then you can format it’s width to your liking in the column properties on the left.

Are there templates that I can use?

Yes, lots of them!!

While in the page builder – at the bottom, you will see 2 buttons:

Click the right button that looks like a folder.

When you click that button a pop-out will reveal many block and page templates that free for you to use and customize. When you hover over a selection you can choose to preview it by pressing the “+” symbol in the middle, you can directly insert by selecting the “insert” link or you can save it to your favorites by clicking the “♡” icon.

There are so many templates, can I filter them?

Yes, it’s very easy to filter the page blocks.